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Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health

The Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health is a subsidiary; member of Cellmolecules Scientific Canada  Inc., a  registered, accredited and Incorporated both provincially and federal in Canada. The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) provides training standard in the field of Laboratory Medicine in the North America. As number #1 approved Continuing Education organization in Healthcare, our CLSI compliant training in various areas of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine meets the College of American Pathologist including American Society for Clinical Pathologist (ASCP) recommendations and showcases Canadians’ and CSMLS minimum standard using approved guideline.

What we are; # 1 private continuing education provider inPathology and Laboratory Medicine, including Allied healthcare Services in Canada and USA. A Federal Government recognized Canadian Scientific Corporation with legal obligation to operate anywhere in Canada and Saskatchewan Province. We bring together sub-specialists and Board certified leaders, Scientists and practitioners including our teams of Clinical Consultants and innovated, developed and deliver a world-class sub-specialist trainings to improve capacity and strengthen best practices across many participating countries. We use Canadian and American benchmarks to advance next generation world standard anywhere in the world. Our Certification is trademarked in Canada and therefore confers confidence within the framework of the program  

What we are not;   not University, College, or Vocational school  

What we do; We provide legal support to Canadian and global education and Technology Transfer programs and respond to the need of working class Canadian and global workplace and working class needs. we design and deliver curriculum and portfolio to support efficiency in Companies and organizations. We have strong reputation as a Canadian education support program provider, We provide various levels of Capacity building frameworks and continuous professional development training, which does not contribute to degree or diploma,  but is recognized by ASCP Board of Exams and all Hospitals in Canada and many nations across the world as mark of competence in applicable duties.

The law Provision of continues professional development CPD is done legally in Canada by a registered organization which may be either  governmental, private; private can be for- profit or not for profit organizations.

Visa for registered international students

Our program do not require student permit from Canadian Immigration Commission. As programs are less than 6 Months. However, you must receive an unconditional acceptance letter to apply for Visa to participate in the program you had registered for. Relevant advice will be provided for candidates meeting all the requirements


< Batch B May 21, 2024; Batch C June 17th 2024, August 19th, 2024
  Programs Duration Date Training fees in CD Application fee
1 Reproductive Endocrinology and Clinical Embryology (Clinical Scientist Training) Two weeks in-person, 3 weeks distance learning or customized option Batch C June 5th 2024; Batch A August 6, 2024 $3500 169.99
2 Reproductive Endocrinology and Clinical Andrology (Clinical Scientist Training Path) 2 – 3 weeks staggered Batch B March 6th, 2024; Batch C June 5th 2024 August 13, 2024 $3 150 169.99
3 Molecular Diagnostics and Genomic Medicine (Molecular Pathology Scientist) 12 weeks Batch B May 7th, 2024; Batch C June 5th 2024; August 14, 2024 $2500 169.99
4 Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine 12 weeks Batch B March 6th, 2024; Batch C June 5th 2024 $2500 169.99
5 Molecular Diagnostics and Genomic Medicine 12 weeks Batch A Nov 12th, 2023; Batch B March 6th, 2024; Batch C June 5th 2024 $2500 169.99
6 Advance Pediatric Biochemistry 1 months Feb and June 2023 3500 159.99
Advanced Clinical Laboratory Quality Management Training for Managers / Directors 10 weeks 10 weeks $ 2500
Royal College of Pathologist exam preparatory In Reproductive Science, or Clinical Microbiology Variable Jan 2024 4300 165.99

Application fee; C$159.99

Short training Fellowship / Board Exam preparatory training;   1 to 3 months is available; candidates must secure funding to cover training period. Submit application as below.


Candidates who completed the above training may wish to further take more trainings or take the respective board examinations at his or her own cost as fees above do not cover external exam registrations, such certification exam is provided by the relevant certifying body in the USA or Canada, or UK at designated locations or test centers, so no need traveling to USA except if you choose. All board exams will fees are not included in the fee charges above. Candidates are responsible for accommodations and own feeding, transportation and relevant health cover throughout the training periods. Duration is usually 2-3 months in some cases, and methods of delivery varies and iclude but not limited to lectures and seminars, discussion, cases, slide review, evidence based approach, symposium, simulated practicum, course works, assignments and presentation and in certain cases pilot projects and stimulated lab sessions and observations where applicable
Eligibility; doctorate, master or bachelor degree , application fee 159.99, and CV and other supporting documents

  Programs Abridged list of course content
1 Clinical Embryology Module 1 Module2 Module 3 Module4 /5  
2 Clinical Andrology Module 1 Module 2      
3 Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory specimen processing/ cell culture Chromosomal Analysis FISH / PGD Clinical Microarray, and evidence based practice  
4 Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine Laboratory Specimen processing Blood processing; Automated testing Biological therapeutics in transfusion medicine Blood bank testing and antibody identification Advanced Quality Management
5 Molecular Diagnostics and Genomic Medicine DNA/RNA techniques Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Mircoarrys and Epigenetics Sanger Sequencing and Exome Sequencing Principle of Genetics; and Quality Management
6 Advance Pediatric Biochemistry Mitochondrial Medicine Lysosomal and other storage diseases Aminoacidopathies and one carbon transfer General issues in peadiatric Clinical Chemistry Cerebrospinal fluid biochemistry and analysis
7 Clinical Laboratory Quality Management Module 1 Module 2      
8 Royal College of Pathologist exam preparatory In Reproductive Science, Clinical Biochemistry or Clinical Microbiology Variable May 2020 TBA 165.99  

Registration Information / application procedure:

To apply for any of the programs,  apply online with the appropriate fee , and submit  CV and other documents to the attention of Program Director by email  admin@cellmolecules.ca


Good degree in Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Biotechnology, Basic Medical Sciences eg Physiology and Allied Health Sciences or their equivalents, BSc, RN, MD, DVM, MSc, PhD Practicing scientists and doctors are welcome to apply. Those with long experience in the Laboratory but without the above qualifications may be considered. A previous Laboratory Experience is an asset. Note this is not a Hospital based training and practicing license in Canada is not required for this type of training. Trainings may contribute to CPD credits and recognition of competence in relevant areas

Booking / Registration confirmation

Candidates are encouraged to book ahead of time to ensure seats are available. Visa credit cards , Master cards are accepted with no extra fee; however payment through Money gram,  Western Money transfer or direct deposit are accepted.

Those who are unable to pay through any of the above can contact us directly


Candidate must have sufficient funding for the program; contact us at admin@cellmolecules.ca

Candidates with further questions may have to consult with our team with consultation charges of $55, email us with your questions.