Certified Phlebotomy Intensive Training Course

Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health

The Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health is a subsidiary; member of Cellmolecules Scientific Canada  Inc., a  registered, accredited and Incorporated both provincially and federal in Canada. The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) provides training standard in the field of Phlebotomy in the North America. As number 1approved Continuing Education organization in Healthcare, our CLSI compliant training in Phlembotomy meets the College of American Pathologist recommendations and showcases CSMLS minimum standard using approved guideline.
What we are;
We are Biomedical Science Incorporation, spearheading advance developments and supporting both medical and biomedical continuing education provider in healthcare in Canada and USA. A Federal Government recognized Canadian Scientific Corporation with legal obligation to operate anywhere in Canada and Saskatchewan Province.
The Phlebotomy Practice Certification is trademarked in Canada and therefore confers confidence within the framework of the program
  Universities, Colleges, or Vocational schools, professional organizations and other corporation entities
What we are not
Not College, Not Vocational College, Nor University
What we do;
As a leading Continue professional Medical//Health education Provider, we provide legal CPD support to Canadian education programs and respond to the need of working class Canadian and global workplace and working class needs. we design and deliver curriculum and portfolio to support efficiency of Companies and organizations. We have strong reputation as a Canadian education support program provider, We provide various levels of Capacity building frameworks and continuous professional development training, which does not contribute to degree or diploma,  but is recognized by ASCP Board of Exams and all Hospitals in Canada as mark of competence in applicable duties.
The law
Provision of continues professional development CPD is done legally in Canada by a registered organization which may be either  governmental, private; private can be for- profit or not for profit organizations.


Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health in partnership with Cellmolecules Scientific Training Group Inc. – with provincial and Federal recognition  for integrity, accountability and quality; has identified and wishes to respond to the need of Canadian employers and employees in the area of CPD training in Phlebotomy. Using our innovative but high-Tech scientific model and system approach, we designed, created a more competent Phlebotomist with best fit for Canadian workplace demands. Our Phlebotomy Training Course meet the internationally standardized WHO requirements in Phlebotomy and the ISO 9001 – 2015 and the ISO 45001 quality standard. This is a mark for International recognition of experiential training and professional attainment in Phlebotomy. On completion of the course components, you would earn the ” CBSAH Qualified Phlebotomist”


The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) provides training standard in the field of Phlembotomy in the North America. As number 1 Continuing Education organization in Healthcare, our CLSI compliant training in Phlembotomy meets the College of American Pathologist recommendations and showcases CSMLS minimum standard using approved guideline. This course is approved and the quality is accredited by the Canadian Institute of Biomedical Science.. As the training content meets the CLSI and CAP standards, this means trainees would be top up their skills and fit into American and Canadian standard

Teaching team consist of doctorate level academics with relevant board certifications and with over 12 years experience in College of Medicine and Clinical Scientists including Board certified doctors and Physicians. Typically you will be provided with detailed training in theories and practice that involves application of anatomy, physiology and microbiology and medical terminology necessary to support blood collection and specimen management and handling.


You have the option to complete the training online /distant learning. must have access to internet and computer and follow structured learning course


As for the practicum, candidates would have a flexible option of  simulated Lab sections or choose  any of the test centers within or at rural health centers, and must complete certain number of weeks before exam can be administered.

Upon successfully completing the  8 – 12 weeks, you will be eligible to write the American Society of Clinical Pathology Board Exam to qualify as a certified Phlebotomist use the designation ASCPTM  and as well write the  CBSAHTM Certification examination in Phlebotomy. This consist of 80 – 120 competency based questions; the questions are derived from real world day to day practice of Clinical  phlebotomist in Canadian and USA Healthcare

Note all clinical Laboratories in Canada operate under the College of American Pathologist accreditation, so having ASCP certification in Phlebotomy means super recognition across USA and Canada in addition to meeting a Canadian benchmark

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Those that took this course are from and working




Saskatchewan Health Authority


Various Hospitals in Toronto and, Ottawa, Hamilton,  many other areas

New Brunswick

Provincial Lab and Private Labs


Alberta Health Services, and public Labs


Provincial Labs


Winnipeg and Northern Manitoba; Shared Health





New Found land

St. John  

Registration closes immediately available seat is filled up – currently 2 seats left

Training fee is CD$1200. make payment to Cellmolecules Scientific Canada Inc. Use the button below to first pay an application / administrative fees, then email your resume. On acceptance training fees is due to enroll in a given batch.

Application fee C$159.99

Start; To start, email us to confirm enrolment –  currently accepting   Nov 2020 batch

Only those with registration confirmation will be allowed into the training.

Who should apply

Internationally trained life and healthcare professionals including Clinicians, Laboratorians, biologists and scientists with a background and interest in upgrading their skill and training in Phlebotomy are eligible.

You must have a  minimum of grade 12, and strong basic  Biology and good English Language proficiency with strong motivation to be eligible.

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If you need consultations with our specialists, consultation charges are applicable     admin@cellmolecules.ca

Venue – online

Background of candidates who had completed the program

Registered Nurses, Practical Nurses, Medical Radiation technologist Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist,  Medical Doctors, Internationally trained Medical Doctors, those from Science background. Continuing care Assistants and others

Widely Accepted Recognition;

The advancement of your skills and practice conferred to you by this certification if you pass the exam, is well recognized by provincial regional health authorities, Medical Clinics, Laboratories and care homes within and outside Canada. 

Congratulations to May Batch who took their exams on August 2020.

Pass rate; 98%

percentage change in career enhancement;  96%

percentage satisfaction; 99%

Percentage hire after and before completion 100%

Seats are limited; Online payment; Visa, Master card, debit card  or American express are accepted

Note; application processing fee is non refundable

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