Clinical Mass Spectrometry Certification in Training Course -Dip.H.SpTM

EARN A CANADIAN Dip.H.SpTM PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION IN CLINICAL MASS SPECTROMETR; Be the expert in the leading lab medicine area of focus specialty

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The existing high demand of Clinical Laboratory Specialists with
training in Mass Spectrometry across both Public and Private sector Clinical Laboratories. As many Medical laboratories work to cope with the expanding demands and challenges and increasing need for diagnostic accuracy. Many Laboratories are moving to include mass spectrometry platforms to ensure higher
level of patients safety and quality. In fact, in 2019, more than 75% of advertised positions in clinical analytical sciences required relevant training in Mass spectrometry.

Here we present you an opportunity to take your current practice and knowledge further by gaining an advanced professionally recognized certification in Clinical Mass Spectrometry Sciences. This courses is designed for anyone in the clinical laboratory profession who wants to learn about mass spectrometry and utilize this technology in the clinical laboratory.

This program is geared enable you further your existing practice, gain further training and enhance your employment prospects in mass spectrometry.

This program is designed around a set of key principles based on engaging you, collaborating with others, challenging you to think in new ways, and providing you with a supportive environment in which you can thrive. attain
It is expected by the end of your training, you will systematically acquire the skills required for independent practice to become eligible for professional certification in Mass Spectrometry and be able to adapt such skills to improve workplace performance.
The course focuses on the areas of Clinical Biochemistry, and organic chemistry, pharmacology, Medical Physics and selected specialist areas from instrument design to interpretation of data. You also study the contemporary applications of mass spectrometry including topics of relevant medical laboratories, pharmaceutical and bioscience industries as case studies.

Minimum of four Months and maximum of one year
While this training is delivered on a distant learning platform, however, student who are not Canadians who wish to visit Canada within the course duration would be invited and provided support for their visa application.


Clinical Mass Spectrometry Theory

2 credits

Applied Clinical Mass Spectrometry

2 credits

Mass Spectrometry Work Based Study

2 credits

Certification examination

An application processing fee of $169.99 must be received along side your current CV and other supporting letters if sponsored by a third party; Hospital, University Laboratory or Industry.
Cost Of Training and Examination
Registration fees are paid on per-credit hour basis which is $1,047.25/credit x 6 credits = CAD $6,282. A minimum of 6 credit is required

Flexible routes including distant learning, Online learning, however, international students who wish to be travel to Canada for this training will be accepted.





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