Training programs

Center for Molecular Biosciences

Duration Category
15-10 daysC
2 1-2 Months
33.5 Months A

Internationally trained healthcare workers program

This program put together services that enable new Canadians to  successfully  have their qualification and skills acquired while working in their home countries recognized through developing an updating and completing a number of portfolios that  underpin the Canadian standard. Our major concern is to build your skills and strengthen you to transform to Canadian health-worker. We hope to increase the number of internationally educated health professionals that are qualified to practice in Canada

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Eligible scientist and research fellows round the world are hosted for advance research training in specific areas within Health and Life Sciences or Biomedical science. A well tailored to the scientific need of the fellow. The fellow would work on research project from which he or she would develop further analytical and interpretative skills. Other components of the training may including, grant sourcing,  winning a competitive research grants, networking,  trends in curriculum development and project supervising. Note this is not a clinical, or degree program and does not contribute to a degree, but demonstrates professional advancement in research practice and Canadian Standard, thus contributing to capacity development.


Graduate degree, Citizen of foreign nationality, interest in pursuing scientific career, interest in research, proven quality of academic qualification, good communication skills

To apply chose either of the available platforms and complete the application process and submit  we shall contact you after some weeks and communicate you about the decision.

upcoming Workshops & Seminars

Biomedical Science Workshops

Admission to Canadian National Biomedical Workshop courses is very competitive – a review committee evaluates your training needs and the value that would add to your practice. Please note that most workshops are limited regarding the number invited, such you need to register on time or contact us to ensure there are available seats. Notification will be given to successful applicants prior to the workshop start date. Should you need earlier notification (for government employees or oversea participants), please inquire or contact us.

Workshop Sample


Biomedical operates through Canadian National Biomedical Workshop series. The Canadian National Biomedical Workshop Series acknowledges the need for continuous professional development. Biomedical Science practices worldwide and responds by providing series of short-training workshop courses in many areas of Biomedical practice. These workshops provide further support for researchers, scientists and industry and enable them to keep updated with new technologies and techniques in scientific practices.

We collaborate with experts around the world to provide short training courses in Biomedical Science. Researchers and scientists are informed ahead of time and are encouraged to register on time to ensure there are spaces available as we receive many requests from interested fellows and the numbers of spaces are often limited. The duration of the workshops often vary and could last 2-5 days or more.


Organizations and either governmental or non-governmental bodies are welcome to partner with us to ensure scientists and researchers acquire their training needs to enhance efficiency at workplaces.