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We are a global medical biotech corporation specializing in rare diseases. At the forefront of developing advanced medical testing technologies, we focus on diagnosing hard-to-detect rare and neglected diseases, including various cancers, endocrine disorders, infertility, heart and renal diseases, inherited conditions, and other serious health challenges. 

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Our services include tests developed by board-certified doctoral PhD Clinical Pathologists and are CLIA and CAP certified. We offer second opinion disease testing, molecular diagnostics, clinical microscopy, clinical lab quality management and assurance, quality improvement services, and personalized consultant services.

Digital Health

We offer an user-friendly digital interface for scheduling diagnostic tests, making it especially beneficial for patients with specific needs. Whether you have mobility constraints, a busy schedule, or urgent testing requirements that can't interfere with your work, this service ensures a seamless and convenient experience

Healthcare Training Programs Certificated

Our Biomedical and Allied Health program is an initiative of the Department of International Education aimed at personalizing the educational and training experiences of all learners while enhancing their employment prospects.

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