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what makes us different

Achieve Dual Certification As A Phlebotomist With ASCP And CBSAH™

Get International Recognition

By adhering to both CLSI and CAP standards, our training empowers participants to enhance their skills and seamlessly integrate into both American and Canadian healthcare systems.

Learn From Experts

Teaching team consist of doctorate level academics with relevant board certifications and with over 12 years of experience in College of Medicine and Clinical Scientists, including Board certified doctors and Physicians.

Hands of a phlebotomist extracting blood samples from a patient for medical testing.

Take Comprehensive Training

you will be provided with detailed training in theories and practice that involves application of anatomy, physiology and microbiology and medical terminology necessary to support blood collection and specimen management and handling

Set Higher Standards

In line with our commitment to healthcare education leadership, we provide CLSI-compliant Phlebotomy training that surpasses CSMLS standards and adheres to College of American Pathologists guidelines.


What You'll Achieve By Completing This Course

First Global Certification

Experience Canada’s first comprehensive, globally recognized Professional Certification Training and Examination, developed by clinical pathologists. This program offers ample time for significant career and skill development.

Integrated Training

Participate in a training program that incorporates legal education, tort law, medical ethics, medical sociology, and psychology.​

Build Your Professional Portfolio

Develop your own portfolio to protect the patients you care for and earn your employers' trust.

Network in Biomedical Science

Benefit from the Bioorthogonal Center for Biomedical Science's esteemed reputation and extensive connections with Canadian and American health facilities, university research centers, and laboratories.

Going the extra mile

Learn alongside top-ranked professionals and institutions in the field.


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What to expect after completion

Upon successfully completing the 8 – 12 weeks, you will be eligible to write the American Society of Clinical Pathology Board Exam to qualify as a certified Phlebotomist use the designation ASCPTM and as well write the CBSAHTM Certification examination in Phlebotomy. This consist of 80 – 120 competency-based questions; the questions are derived from real world day to day practice of Clinical phlebotomist in Canadian and USA Healthcare. In addition, completion and passing the Clinical Phlebotomy Certification CBSAHTM examination would give you the eligibility to sit ASCP and Canadian Phlebotomy Technician certification examination

Note all clinical Laboratories in Canada operate under the College of American Pathologist accreditation, so having CBSAH™ certification in addition to CPTC in Phlebotomy means super recognition across USA and Canada in addition to meeting a Canadian benchmark.


You must have a minimum of first degree or College diploma. From Nov 12 2023, those with grade 12, are no longer eligible for acceptance. Prior background in Biology and good English Language proficiency with strong motivation to be eligible. Note, greater percentage of participants are Healthcare professionals including those with Medical degree, Dentist, Biomedical Scientists, Nurses, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Practical Nurses, Vet Doctors, and Medical Office Assistants.

Yes, our certification is acknowledged by healthcare and other industries in Canada. CBSAHTM certification aligns with WHO and ISO 9001 standards, demonstrating competence in phlebotomy that meets employer requirements in the USA and Canada. Achieving this certification reflects a higher level of confidence and professionalism valued by employers, who prefer hiring certified professionals due to the nature of care delivery.

You have two options: in-class or distance learning. If the distance learning pathway suits you best, you will cover the same study material but in a more flexible format that meets your needs. Please indicate your preference at the time of application.

How To Apply

Step by Step


Both Canadian Trained and Internationally trained life scientists and healthcare professionals including Clinicians, Medical Laboratorians, biochemist biologists and scientists are welcome. Those with relevant post secondary diploma will be considered

Pay application fee

A non refundable Application / administrative fee of C$159. 99
must be received with your resume (Only those with registration confirmation will be allowed into the training.)

Send us an email

Once you have paid send us an email to admin@cellmolecules.com with your verification code and your CV. We will try to reply as soon as we see your application.

Pay course fee

Once accepted into the program, we will reply your email with further instructions. To start our programs the course fee must be paid before. For applicants within Canada, payment by money order or certified bank check payable to Cellmolecules Scientific Canada Inc.

Be ready

Once the course fee is received, you will be scheduled for the training and invited to attend the training. Now you just have to be highly motivated to attend the training and wait for the start date!

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