Laboratory Medicine Consultant Services

We are a team of board certified  Consultants in the field of Laboratory Medicine including Clinical Biochemists, Medical Microbiologist and Geneticist, Immunologists,  providing clinical laboratory consulting services to a number of Medical Directors, Laboratory Directors, Hospitals, Clinics, Healthcare Professionals, Laboratories and Government, states and private companies in Canada, USA.

Our Clinical team are PhD or MD Canadian/American level board certified scientists who are experts in specific subspecialties of Laboratory Medicine and liaise with relevant stakeholders, i.e. lab users, clinicians, and academics to make your center attend maximum accuracy in terms of achieving error free diagnosis and treatments for your patients. We bring together combination of applicable regulatory and accreditation requirements and innovations to develop and monitor, interpret and advise on diagnosis and management of patients and respond to emerging challenges faced by your laboratory.

What we do

Our services include,  but  are  not  limited  to:

  • Liaises with clinical  users of laboratory services with medical and scientific operational issues and decisions related to the relevant laboratory section. Participates in test interpretation and reporting. Oversees the evaluation and implementation  of  Point  of  Care  testing  methodology,
  • Provides knowledge transfer of emerging and innovative methodologies and procedures  to  staff,  colleagues,  fellows  and  residents
  • We also provide workforce to support your Hospitals and clinics, thus helping to fill up the right human resources need of your organization.
  • We also provide quality improvement and strategic  planning  for  the  Laboratory medicine section focusing on assay development, method optimization and validation and research with a view to continue to refine and attend the maximum zigma metrics for your best patient care available
  • We work collaboratively with stakeholders  from  the  Universities  to  enable  and  integrate  clinical  teaching  and    Facilitates communication  with  and  provides  expertise  to  external  stakeholders,  customers,  and  peer  organizations. Provides mentorship and guidance to junior clinical biochemists.
  • We supervise your technical staff and oversee the laboratory quality assurance program, on  call  duties,  teaching  and  supervision  of  fellows  and  residents,  clinical consultation with physicians, surgeons and oncologists, and liaising with various multidisciplinary committees and groups that develop and monitor laboratory policies, processes and procedures. Perinatal, neonatal and pediatric chemistry in a pediatric or general hospital setting, biochemical genetic testing, therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology, organization management, statistical analysis, method evaluation and epidemiology

About us

Cellmolecules Scientific  Canada Inc. is a Federal wide incorporation in Canada and her provinces. The organization comprises The Scientific Canada Diagnostics – Healthcare services,  Canadian Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health, The The National Clinical Embryology Training Center, The  Cellmolecules Medical Laboratories & Research Center, and the Global Health Initiative Center.. We partner and collaborate with Governments, private sector, and other corporate bodies to drive innovative solutions in Healthcare and global health. We are the leading Canadian Incorporation that work with leading consultant scientists from multidisciplinary background who are committed to bringing together high profile leaders, physicians and scientists round the world to drive innovations in solving emerging challenges across the globe. We are focused on Interdisciplinary Global Solution


Our mission is to translate scientific discoveries to provide innovative solutions

Our unique model

We remove barriers to professional developments and fast track your workplace professional scientific proficiency and innovations

  • Enhanced technology innovation and development
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to Biomedicine
  • Structured supports for world-class scientists and scientist clinicians
  • An integrated scientific training for academics
  • Multi-disciplinary specialist training program for junior  or senior scientist – including opportunities for students from disciplines outside biology
  • Special support for graduates in Biomedical sciences and Allied Health Science