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Molecular Diagnostics and
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Workshops in
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Advanced Clinical Laboratory Quality
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Who we are

The Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health operates as a subsidiary and member of Cellmolecules Scientific Canada Inc., a registered, accredited corporation at both provincial and federal levels in Canada. The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) sets training standards in Laboratory Medicine across North America.

As the number one approved Continuing Education organization in Healthcare, our CLSI-compliant training covers various areas of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, meeting the recommendations of the College of American Pathologists and the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). This demonstrates compliance with Canadian and CSMLS minimum standards using approved guidelines.

Current Schedule

Application is accepted through payment of C$159.99 plus tax. Can be completed online from around the world or in Canada.
Dip.H.SpTM Reproductive Endocrinology and Clinical Embryology program (Blended Learning)
Two weeks in person, then three weeks virtual. Currently accepting applications for June 5th or August 6th, 2024 start.
Clinical Andrology and Semenology Online
June or August 12, 2024. Seats: 10
Molecular Diagnostics and Genomic Medicine (Molecular Pathology Scientist)
Options in Microbiology, Molecular Medicine, or Biochemical Genetics. Currently accepting applications for June 5th, 2024 and August 6th, 2024 start.
Phlebotomy Training Course
July 2 – July 10th, 2024
*After training, certification exam is provided by the relevant certifying body in the USA or Canada, at designated locations in Canada, so no need traveling to the USA. All board exams will fees are not included in the fee charges above. Candidates are responsible for accommodations and own feeding throughout the training periods. Duration is 4 months, and covers lectures and seminars and stimulated or lab sessions and observations where applicable. Eligibility: doctorate, master or bachelor degree , application fee 159.99, and CV and other supporting documents Candidates should budget $5500 towards living expenses, books and accommodation

Why Choose Us

Expand your knowledge and stay ahead with Canadian expertise

Leading Canadian Education Support

We're known for our strong reputation as a Canadian education support provider. Offering diverse capacity-building training, our programs, though non-degree or diploma granting, are recognized by the ASCP Board of Exams and by hospitals in Canada.

Trusted Knowledge

Led by industry experts with extensive experience, our courses offer a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements and techniques in the North American healthcare landscape. Through in-depth modules and practical insights, we equip professionals with the the most valuable skills.

Global Workforce Efficiency

We provide comprehensive legal support to both Canadian and international education in transfer programs, addressing the needs of the working class in Canada. Our services include designing and delivering curricula and portfolios aimed at enhancing efficiency in companies and organizations.

Want To Boost Your Healthcare Experience?

Increase Your Professional Experience and Discover New Horizons with Our Expertise

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