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Prospective international students face a number of difficulties and often are unable to gain admission to their chosen Universities due to a number of reasons beyond them. Securing a place at Canadian universities and Colleges is often very challenging, time consuming and stressful activity for overseas students. We have strong portfolio in helping oversea students who want to study in Canada, have admission offers and can further advise on certain courses and the prospects in Canada labor market. We are able to provide a bridge that assist international students and parents including governmental bodies and organization, to gain access and get a place on the admission list in the top Canadian Universities.

If you need this service for any of the program below, you will require to pay for the service charge for initial application and we are able to process your papers and do all the needed paper works for you.

Initial Application fee

Diploma program ;  $170

Bachelor                 $200

Masters                   $ 240

PhD program          $ 300

Visiting Scholar Program $600

Once you have completed your online registration by paying the respective amount above, our Service Specialist shall contact you to receive all your documents, service charge is payable in full at this point



 Research Assured

This package provides in-house research analysis opportunity for international students conducting either MSc or PhD research projects or Governmental bodies or Agencies involved in scientific assessments of products or Biologics or forensic evaluation for expert witnessing; whichever suits our clients regard scientific Bioanalysis; the package provides the best and simple ways of easing off frustrations associated with your research project in your current Centre

We use the state of the art equipments to get the best scientific information from your prepared analyte. As the number one Western Canada-based pre-clinical contract Scientific organisation with specialist capabilities in Food Science, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biomedical Sciences, toxicology, Biology, Cancer studies, Immunology, Microbiology, Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and physiology, we are committed to accelerating your drug discovery programme by delivering a efficient, high quality service within a competitive pricing structure.

You can just Currier your samples to us, we analyse it in real time and provide you the data. You can also visit us to have a hand on training or we may assist in preparing your project chapters and interpretations of data.

For full details, contact us and find out how you may benefits from this package.

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We prepare and submit an application to a Canadian university or college, in terms of English language, style and content of the application, and including:

  1. The preparation of a Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. The preparation of a personal statement
  3. Counseling prospective students on the availability of their proposed courses
  4. Provides information needed to families, sponsors and parents for making informed decision
  5. Receiving and responding to admission or offer letters
  6. Advice and assistance in arranging accommodation in the Canada
  7. Administer tuition and living expenses and plan for travel around Canada and USA during holidays for our clients and monitor
  8. And provide advice on immigration matters within North America including Canada


  1. Assist in securing supervisors and preparing acceptable research projects for graduate st
  2. Provides opportunity for student to evaluate our services and recommend necessary changes
  3. Personal meet and greet at the nearest located international airport upon first arrival in the Canada
  4. Assisting during first arrival in Canada and offer private transport service from the nearest international airport to the identified student accommodation (if pre-arranged)
  5. A personally guided orientation tour of the university campus and local town/city, highlighting key amenities like shops, restaurants, healthcare, post office, railway station, taxis, local sightseeing etc.
  6. Provision of information about the student’s university, student life and the local town/city, including: being a student at a Canadian college or university, climate and clothes, travelling using public and private transport, what to see and do in the local area, shopping and eating out, safety, security and the Canada emergency services.
  7. Services for the parents, guardians and sponsors of overseas students
  8. Academic progression monitoring and reporting