Internationally Educated Health Professionals Program: Exam review courses


We have series of programs that address the needs of internationally trained health workers living in Canada who have not been able to go back to their profession; specific services including mentorship, curriculum development and exam preparation courses; We innovated profession specific portfolios and bridging programs for internationally educated nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, medical radiation technologists, medical laboratory technologists, and licensed practical nurses.

This program has not received government funding as at today, this means that participant on the program will have to pay the necessary fees to receive this service. We are the only organization that provide examination preparatory services and practically help you go through every step of of your professional requirement and ensure you are eligible to practice in Canada.

To participate in this program, you will need to register and pay $180.99 plus 5% tax,  then email us your CV and contact details at, we shall then contact you

If you are trained outside Canada, and have not worked in Canada as a licensed Medical Laboratory Technologist, or you are interested in acquiring Canadian benchmark and would like to write the CSMLS national examination either to work in Canada or abroad. We bring together experienced registered scientists in Canada who have or are working in Hospital Laboratories in Canada to prepare you to challenge the examination. Note our training has potential to improve your chance of passing To be eligible, you must have trained in other countries other than Canada. We provide you A-Z course review in all the areas.

To participate, you must apply and be accepted and pay relevant fees. Participating in this program would increase your chance of passing the exam. Note internationally training MLT have more than 95% chance of not passing. However, this program helps to reduce and remove the barer by bringing your professional knowledge to Canadian standard. click on Register now button above, and scroll
then, it prompt you to a payment pop up
using your credit card or master card, pay 180.99, it will add 5% tax
then pay the total and submit.
then as we receive it, it also sends you information that you successfully paid
We will then review your CV emailed to and other documents including a formal application, that must be filled out and sign, date submitted back to us; and get back to you in real time

email us if interest at