Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to complete phlebotomy training course?

It is necessary you have received formal training before you can work as a Phlebotomist. Employers will only hire those with no previous experience but demonstrate evidence of completion of training.

Where can I obtain training in Canada

Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health in partnership with Cellmolecule Scienfic Inc provides competency based training in Phlebotomy in Canada and in Saskatchewan

What award can I receive by completing this training

The following awards can be completed and includes;  CBSAHTM   Certified Phlebotomist certificate on completion of relevant modules in Phlebotomy  or CBSAHTM Full Certification in Phlebotomy

Is this recognized by employers in Canada?

Yes. We are the only recognized provider in Canada. Our certification is recognized by healthcare and other industries in Canada,  CBSAHTM certification is based on the WHO standard and the ISO 9001 quality level  and demonstrates competence in Phlebotomy,  which meet employers requirement in USA and Canada. Achievement of certification demonstrates higher measure of confidence and professionalism which is highly valued by employers. Due to the nature of care delivery, employers prefer hiring certified professionals.

I am eligible to complete the Phlebotomy Training Course ?

if you have strong background in biology and enjoy working as a healthcare provider you may be eligible. Usually if you have got criminal record, this training may not be right for you

What are the mode of course delivery

Initial training must be completed before you can take the certification examination.  This involves 1 -2 weeks practicum. Further courses may be taken towards certification

When next do you have a schedule for this training?

The Director of training normally approves training schedule and it is advertised on our website. You are encouraged to check regularly on the website

I have a full time work and want to take this training to advance by skills, what can I do

You have 2 options, to take the in-class or the distance learning option. If the distance learning pathway is best for for, the same study length must be undertaken but in most flexible model to suit your requirement. You must state this at the time of application.

What is the course fee

It is $999  plus tax currently, but this is likely to change without prior information.

I saw a consultation fee, what does that mean

This is charged as consultation fee on those who are not our client (has no registration or placement for any course), but need consultation to enable them make decision. $ 59.99 administrative fee must be received before our specialist can provide such services.

Do you provide course materials?

It is your responsibility to pay for study materials

How can I register for this training?

You can use the online registration button and use your card, print the receipt for your record and bring it with you to the training class