Providing Advancements for Scientist/Physicians in Clinical Embryology/Andrology and Assisted Conception round the world


About cetc

The Canadian Clinical Embryologist Training Center is a body of Cellmolecule Scientific Canada Inc. We are the only organization that provide this world class training support to both scientists and physicians around the world in the North America.  We are committed to maintaining highest standards of competence in practice of Clinical Embryology and Andrology through training, and professional development everywhere, anywhere in the world. The Center is the first and the only center in both USA and Canada that is particularly devoted to providing specialist and Advanced hands-on training in wide areas of Reproductive Medicine – Assisted Reproduction Technology or Clinical Embryology. Specifically, the center provides nationally and internationally recognized  advanced techniques required to achieve highest success rate in Embryology and Andrology Laboratory. Each year we train more than 200 professionals from more than 59 countries, including Gynecologists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Biomedical Scientists, Biologist, Medical Laboratory Scientists, IVF nurses, and people from industries.


Corporate training, Consultancy, Setting up your IVF lab for you; Laboratory Management; Specialized training in ART techniques. We also provide partnership opportunities with relevant organization. A number of training courses are held round the year. Participant come from various background and from different countries. Courses cover all aspects of ART and are delivered by experts with proven track records in the field of ART.


The Advanced/ Specialist Embryologist Training Program provides hand- on training for Embryologists and Andrologist, including Biologist, and those new to the field can acquire improved skills and understanding of theoretical and practical aspect of Clinical Embryology practice. Variety of training classes and batches are available. This course covers the both basic and advanced principles and techniques used in clinical embryology and andrology / IVF lab.  The program is run by the National Clinical Embryologist and Andrologist Training Center, which is currently sponsored and funded by Cellmolecules Scientific Canada Inc. Participants would learn the skills and acquire the knowledge necessary for advanced and specialist professional practice, including the setting-up and running of the lab, specific advanced procedures, and quality control to ensure the highest possible success rates in an IVF program in their Center. The course offers each trainee a complete hands-on learning opportunity.


This training course provides opportunity for  both scientists and clinicians  to gain sub-specialist and practical  knowledge in  Clinical Embryology and Assisted Reproduction Technology and infertility, including processes of human reproduction that are relevant to manipulation of fertility and new ways of laboratory approaches to treatment of reproductive disease.
list of courses are available at the link below
Fees and application instruction

 Application is received round the year, once you have applied you will be informed the date for your training or you can let us know when you plan to attend; please apply on time and give time to process your travel documents for those who may need visa to come to Canada

Current Schedule

Program Schedule Status
1 Clinical Embryology 10-16 Dec 2018 Accepting registration
2 Clinical Embryology 14-19 Jan 2019 Accepting registration
3 Clinical Phlebotomy Oct 2018  – Jan 2019 Accepting registration
4 Clinical Embryology March  2019 Accepting registration

Short training Fellowship lasting 1-3 months is available for candidates with secured funding.

Application fee; C$159.99

To register.

 A Aim of this program

To provide theoretical information and practical experience relating to some of the more complex aspects of Assisted fertility techniques and procedures used within Embryology laboratories.

By the end of the program:

Candidates who have successfully attended all the structured components of a specific curriculum and scored up to a pass mark of the standardized assessments shall be eligible for  Board Certification in that sub-specialty. ideally, such candidate would have demonstrated high proficiency in specialized laboratory techniques / procedures, and can handle complex laboratory challenges / interpret their results.

Registration Information / application procedure:

To apply for any of the programs,  apply online with the appropriate fee or complete the application form and pay the appropriate fees, and submit  to the attention of Program Director by email

MBBS, BMLS or Medical Laboratory Tech or their equivalents, BSc, RN, MD, DVM, MSc, PhD Practicing scientists and doctors are welcome to apply. Those with long experience in the Laboratory but without the above qualifications may be considered. A previous Laboratory Experience is an asset

Booking / Registration confirmation

Candidates are encouraged to book ahead of time to ensure seats are available. Visa credit cards , Master cards are accepted with no extra fee; however payment through Money gram,  Western Money transfer or direct deposit are accepted.

Those who are unable to pay through any of the above can contact us directly


Financing may be available for eligible candidates who must be permanent resident or Citizen of Canada please contact the account division; contact us at

Candidates with further questions may have to consult with our team with consultation charges of $55, email us with your questions.