About US

Cellmolecules Scientific  Canada Inc. is a Federal wide incorporation in Canada and her provinces. The organization comprises The Canadian Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health, The The National Clinical Embryology Training Center, The  Cellmolecules Medical Laboratories & Research Center, and the Global Health Initiative Center.. We partner and collaborate with Governments, private sector, and other corporate bodies to drive innovative solutions in Healthcare and global health. We are the leading Canadian Incorporation that work with leading consultant scientists from multidisciplinary background who are committed to bringing together high profile leaders, physicians and scientists round the world to drive innovations in solving emerging challenges across the globe. We are focused on Interdisciplinary Global Solution


Our mission is to translate scientific discoveries to provide innovative solutions

Our unique model

We remove barriers to professional developments and fast track your workplace professional scientific proficiency and innovations

  • Enhanced technology innovation and development
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to Biomedicine
  • Structured supports for world-class scientists and scientist clinicians
  • An integrated scientific training for academics
  • Multi-disciplinary specialist training program for junior  or senior scientist – including opportunities for students from disciplines outside biology
  • Special support for graduates in Biomedical sciences and Allied Health Science