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We are transforming Lives through Biotech Innovation

+25 years of experience

Renowned for our pioneering spirit and commitment to excellence, Cellmolecules Scientific Canada is at the forefront of innovation in rare disease diagnostics. Our cutting-edge research facilities serve as hubs for groundbreaking advancements, ensuring unparalleled quality in every aspect of our research and development endeavors. We want to lead the charge in pioneering advancements that redefine diagnostics for complex medical conditions.

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Leading the way in digital health

This commitment to excellence and innovation has not gone unnoticed. Uthumim Diagnostic Digital Health – Cellmolecules Scientific Canada were chosen to represent the life sciences industry of Saskatchewan at the prestigious Team Canada Trade Mission in Malaysia and Vietnam in March 2024. This selection underscores the company’s role as a leader in the digital health sector and its influence in shaping the future of medical science and healthcare delivery on a global scale.

Our mission

Advancing Health Equity for everyone

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We want to transform personalized health security through research and development, bringing life-saving advanced medical devices and Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) to underrepresented specialty areas like Chronic, Rare, and Neglected Diseases. We aim to end the cycle of misdiagnosis, delayed detection, and improper treatments, particularly in underserved communities.

Breaking Barriers, Saving Lives

We envision a future where a disease-free life is everyday realities. Our commitment is to revolutionize
personalized health security through R&D and commercialization of life-saving critical advance medical devices
and Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) that cater to underrepresented specialty areas such as Chronic, Rare, and
Neglected Diseases – a realm clearly overlooked by mainstream laboratory medicine, not limited to
underrepresented communities.

We stop at nothing

Our approach offers cutting-edge Precision Diagnostic Tests, developed by top experts using big data and AI.

We Love To Explore​

We focus on identifying conditions, including rare and neglected diseases often missed by mainstream lab tests. For our clients, providers, and patients, this transformative experience offers diagnostic insights that serve as a beacon of hope.

Innovations through R&D

We are committed to ongoing R&D to stay at the cutting edge of predictive testing and monitoring technologies. Our project offers a user-friendly digital interface for scheduling diagnostic tests.

Hybrid Tech driven and Big data AI Technology

This service is ideal for patients with mobility constraints, busy schedules, or urgent testing needs, without disrupting work. It also benefits hospitals and small clinics. Our model prioritizes efficiency and ease of use, akin to modern tech solutions, with a focus on rare diseases.

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we envision a future where disease-free living
is a reality for everyone

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