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Applications are invited for the above training program. The aim of this program is to spur innovation in development through advanced training. The objective of the International Visiting Scholar Training Program is to provide training in research and scientific leadership development support that has a trans-formative impact on scholars and situations in the home institution and country, as well as having a trans formative impact on the Cellmolecules Scientific Inc. scholar’s intellectual development.

There are 2 routes A and B

Route A is for either Artist in field of Humanities or scientists in the broad field of Physical and Medical Sciences, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Physiology, Cell Biology, Biology and life sciences Route B is strictly for those with background in basic life sciences including healthcare professions, Laboratory, Nutrition, and Medical Sciences. Note; the program is research based and there is no contact with patients.


Must be a citizen of foreign national

Background in Humanities, social Sciences or Biosciences

Interested in career development

Possess a relevant graduate degree

Have no criminal record

Availability of funds

Proficient in English Language

Strong motivation in research with interest in peer review publishing

Route A

This is non degree research training fellowship lasting maximum of 2-6 months. The problem allows researchers from third world countries to gain experience from Canadian Institution and learn how to analyze their samples and interpret their data. It is most valuable for scientists from related organizations currently involved in research. Preference will be given to individuals with pursing masters or a doctorate degree or pursuing doctorate degree from any developing country. However, candidates interested in research are also considered even if they are not in pursuing graduate degrees, as they can use this program to develop essential knowledge to undertake research

Area of focus


Route B

The purpose of the International Visiting Scholar Training Program (IVSTP) is to help build capacity in developing countries, to ultimately improve patient care. The IVSTP provides essential   training for Clinical Scientists and clinicians involved in Laboratory Services and related healthcare professionals in the developing world to receive advance training on a specific topic or technique for up to 1-2 months, extension could be granted provided the candidate has supporting funds. Training is carried out in our laboratory and / or partnering University Professors. Progress is monitored through mentorship from our Senior Scientists or Consultants Scientist.

Upon completion of the training, participants return to their home institution to implement the skills and knowledge they have acquired that address the specific need.

Program Benefits

  • By implementing the training in their home institution, Trainees will have the opportunity to build on the existing capacity in their country and institution and ultimately spearhead development and patient care.
  • Trainees will participate in the rigorous scientific community and gain mentorship.
  • Trainee would develop a new and modern approach of integrating evidence based approach and research into their practice
  • Trainees will develop rewarding research writing and grant sourcing skills to spearhead development in their institution
  • Trainees would have better opportunity to network and develop collaborations in their areas of interest.

How to Apply

  • Applicant Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of qualification or certificates and other relevant documents
  • Administrative fees of US$ 359
  • Applications  submitted without necessary fees will not be consider
  • Deadline before July 25th 2015.
  • Submit your application electronically at

Fellows are encouraged to implement the training at their home institution upon their return