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Applications are received round the year. Once course fee is paid, you will be scheduled. follow instructions; choose the course, and pay non Рrefundable administrative fee of $159.99,  then submit your CV and recommendation letter to us by email. Then we get back to you.  Once accepted into the program, the course fee must be paid. For applicants within Canada, payment by money order or certified bank check payable to Cellmolecules Scientific Canada Inc. the course fee should be mailed through UPS or FedEx. If you choose to pay electronically, additional $55 must be included to cover bank charges. When the course fee is received, you will be scheduled for the training and invited to attend the training.

Oversea participant

Application or administrative fee of $169.99 by money order or direct wire. Once accepted course fees must be received.

1 Andrology semenology 38 hours 4250
1a routine semen analysis 12hours 850
1b sperm morphology 16 hours 1200
2 Advanced Adrology techniques 38hours 4500
3 Andvanced andrology II 10 days 9000
4 sperm preparation technique in ART 16 hrs 2500
5 cryopreservation techniques in ART 16hours 2100
6 Assisted Conception training in ART IVF/ICSI 10days 8500
7 Andvanced ART techniques 5 days 6500
8 Setting up and managing IVF Andrology Lab 3 days 3500
9 Training on scientific writing 4 days 3200
10 Phlembotomy 600