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Biomedical is a branch of Cellmolecules Scientific responsible for organizing conferences and workshops to close the communication gap and promote continuous scientific professional practice and development in different aspects of science. Well-coordinated scientific meetings are held in each year in association with our partners from industry and academia under the directorship of Mauruf Ogunubi.

2016 Conferences

2nd Annual  World Congress on Medical and Clinical  Microbiology

2nd Annual World Congress on Biotechnology and Biochemistry

World Congress on Global Health and Emerging Diseases – Toronto 2016

Canadian World Submit on Inflammation, Metabolism and Cancer

2nd Annual International Conference on Biomedical Science and Molecular Diagnostics

World Congress on Medical Parasitology and Neglected Tropical Diseases

1st World Summit on Advances and Challenges in Medical Laboratory Science

Canadian World Congress on Human Reproduction, Embryology and Developmental Biology

Canadian Submit for Chairs, Directors and Head of Life & Health Science Departments of Commonwealth Institutions

World Congress for University  Student Union Government Leaders of Commonwealth Institutions



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